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Author: Gabryel A. J.
Title: Facet na telefon
Language: Polish
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The guy on the phone knows what she wants every woman. This is confirmed by two million readers who follow erotic blog of Adam.

Run by a Pole living in Australia blog has become a phenomenon – women who work during the day, take care of children and the house where the bedroom routine has long killed femininity, in Adam are perfect lover – without commitment, without restraint, the body perfectly wsłuchanego woman.

Based on the novel created a blog about Adam, a male prostitute, who talks about his klientkach and boldly describes the erotic order, refined scenarios trysts. His clients will be women, whom no one would have suspected it.

Marta – her husband, a wealthy businessman, sees in it a soft and gentle woman. And so he loved her. He did not even guess that Martha needs a thrill.

Alice – a happy marriage destroyed her husband’s illness. Upon its request looking for a lover, who for him, loaded with marital responsibilities. With the subtlety of Adam their meetings do not have the bitter taste of betrayal.

Barbara – a mature, attractive, intelligent woman. In the eyes of her husband’s only wife. During the meeting with Adam wakes up in her hot sex goddess.

Edith – a successful, attractive young woman can not show the events itself. Adam is the perfect company. The more that all of friends looking at him with lust.

Julita – the first woman to Adam, a guide to the world of erotic experience, she has changed a young inexperienced boy in a perfect lover.

Sex is an important part of their lives. Their obsession, fantasy, need, sense. For Adam is a profession ..

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