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Author: Lackberg Camilla
Title: Syrenka
Language: Polish
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In Fjällbace dies under mysterious circumstances, man. Despite the efforts of Patrik Hedstrom and his colleagues at the police station in Tanumshede, no one knows whether the lost lives or not. Four months later, his remains are found frozen in the ice. The case becomes even more complicated when one of the friends of the deceased – Christian writer Thydell – suddenly begins to receive anonymous threats. Christian, who at any moment is to succeed thanks to his new novel “The Mermaid”, gets another threat during a reception on the occasion of his debut book. Breaks down and shows a list of Erice Falck, who helped him with the writing of the novel. Christian tries to downplay the issue and does not want to contact the police, but Erika pushed one of the letters to the bag and show it to Patrick. It has long been suspected that something bites Christian and worried that something might happen to him. Patrik recognizes hand, the danger is Christian. Someone honestly hate it, someone apparently unstable emotionally, someone who will not hesitate to transform threats into action. When corpses are found another man, police discerns a common thread, and the clues lead to the past …

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