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Relase date: 08/21/2012

Wise Care 365 is an advanced suite of tools designed to protect your privacy and optimize the operating system. It checks your computer for all the different elements that make the need to optimize or potential safety issues when using the computer.

365 Wise Care cleans, defragments and optimizes your system registry and completely removes the user’s private data to prevent their subsequent recovery by other specialized tools. In addition, increased stability and faster to run the operating system.

It also can be found in specific modules to the hard drive clean of unused and unneeded files and any traces of user activity (history viewed sites, recently opened documents, etc.). Wise Care 365 defragments all partitions and manage system memory.

In addition, the program comes with a very useful tool to manage and control all applications and services that run with the operating system. Every unnecessary process can be easily deactivated, thus expedite the entire computer run.


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